Friday May 3rd 2019

Annual General Meeting

The 2019 BDICL AGM will take place at Braintree Cricket Club on Friday 17th May starting at 20:00 sharp. Please remember all clubs must be represented You have until Friday 10th May to notify Stuart Careless of any of the following: Applications to join the league Proposed rule changes Propose agenda items.

New CricketStatz website

CricketStatz, as we know it, is changing to an on-line website. For those who used to know the Two Counties Championship SportsStatz site, then you will be very familiar with it's appearance and content. Now the two programmes have been merged into one site, except now the costs are dependent on the number of matches uploaded in one year.
As from the start of the new season, all the results and League tables will appear on the new site and no longer through the links on this page.
The entire former database has now been converted into the new format, and it can be viewed via the link below.
To view the new look CricketStatz site follow the link in the headline.

Career Records now updated

The individual players Career Records have now been updated to include the 2017-18 season.

Coggeshall return in place of Boreham Reserves

Coggeshall have made a late re-entry into the League. Boreham Reserves withdrew a few weeks ago, and a five team Division Four, with each team playing the others three times was brought into play. However, Coggeshall's return has meant a return to a six team division playing each other team twice. The revised fixture lists have now been published. The Umpiring Rota has also been amended, but this only affects Division Four teams, with one exception. As one Junior Cup tie was put back into the schedule, it means that the Univeristy of Essex do now have an extra match to officiate.

Fixtures and Umpiring Rota

The fixtures for the 2018-19 season, and the Umpiring Rota for the same, can now be viewed via the links above in the menu bar.

Career Records

These will be updated over the next week or so, but the Leading Performers page in that section has now been updated to include the 2017-18 season..

Contact details of the League Officials

Since there has been a major shake-up in the personnel running the League, it is prudent that we publish them on the website, so that everyone is aware of whom to contact now.

Chairman: Jeremy Jennings, 07523 318609. gilje1@btinternet.com
Secretary: Stuart Careless, 07966 781233. stuiecareless5@gmail.com
Treasurer: Peter Sadler, 07780 690080. peter.sadler@atlagri.com
Fixtures: Dave Hale, 07711 797543. dave.bdicl@gmail.com
Umpiring: Martin Cutmore. 07903 709840. martincutmore@rocketmail.com

Registration form

I hope this link to a previous Registration form works. I appreciate that it is an old form, but it can still be used for the coming 2018-19 season, and even though I have stood down from my role, the form can still be sent to me.
Steve Isaac

Annual General Meeting

This will be staged at Braintree Cricket Club, St. Peters Close, Braintree, on Friday April 20th 2018 at 8pm. May I remind everyone that, at least, one representative from every club wishing to participate in the 2018-19 MUST be in at attendance. If any teams are withdrawing then can Steve Isaac please be informed at least 24 hours prior to the Meeting,

A second new application

Following the recent application from Colchester Cavaliers to join the League, now another North Essex Cricket Board area club, is submitting an application. This time it is coming from Boxted CC.

Can Matthew Hart be dismissed

Matthew Hart is way out in front as the League's all-time leading run scorer, and so far this season, he has added another 484 runs to his total, which leaves him on 11,991, so needing just nine more runs to reach 12,000. Assuming he plays, then he will get this opportunity against Braintree College. However, what should also be recorded, is the fact that he has played 14 matches this season, and he has yet to be dismissed, so for the season he is actually 484 not out!!

Earls Colne is going to change

Now that a new Earls Colne Cricket Club has emerged into existence a few seasons after the original club ceased playing outdoors, the indoor team, which was based upon the old club, have informed us that they are going to change to West Bergholt, and reinstate that club in the League as from October. The change makes sense as almost all the players now play for West Bergholt outside. The new Earls Colne club is also returning to the Two Counties Cricket Championship this season.

Braintree retain the Championship

After their minor wobble against Gosfield in their previous match, Braintree made no such mistakes against Woodham Mortimer on Sunday, to retain the Division One Championship trophy.

Treasurer's role .... an overview

As most of you are now aware, at the Annual General Meeting at Braintree CC, on Friday April 20th, the current Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer, as well as Steve Isaac, are all standing down from their current roles.
The tasks of being Chairman and Secretary, are relatively simple, but the role of Treasurer is slightly more complex, so Gill Saggers has issued the following brief resume of the tasks performed by the Treasurer.

Check the number of league and cup games played by each team each month to deterine amount due.

· Check that each team makes the correct monthly payments against the weekly statement received from the bank.

· Record payments made in the League Accounts Ledger.

· Remind clubs where payments are overdue or incorrect.

· Raise and send invoice to the University of Essex.

· Raise cheques each month to pay the Leisure Centre's hire charges, new balls, Website Licence, trophy engraving, insurance and any other costs. The League does not do on-line banking as cheques require two signatories - the Treasurer and the Secretary, to prevent fraud.

· Pay cheques in to the Leagues bank account as necessary.

· Produce accounts to present at the annual AGM.

For any further information, the please call Jeremy Jennings, his number is further down this column.

Braintree slip up, twice!! Sampfords claim Div Four

The destination of the League Championship trophy was thrown open as Braintree slipped up against Gosfield. However, they will still need only defeat Woodham Mortimer in their final League match of the season to retain the title. If they slip up again, then the door will be left open for Witham to slide through and steal the crown. Three Fields and Little Bardfield Village also registered victories.
Braintree Reserves already had the Division Two title sewn up, but they also slipped up as Braintree College defeated them by four wickets. Witham Reserves defeated Rayne Reserves.
In Division Three, the University of Essex defeated Boreham by two wickets, in a contest that will count as two matches, as the match that Boreham had arranged prior to the Uni rejoining the League, against Kelvedon on the opening day of the season was not played.
Sampfords are this seasons' Division Four champions. They secured that distinction with a thumping victory over Braintree College Reserves. Terling also had a big win over Woodham Mortimer III.

Braintree stretched by their Reserves

Little Bardfield Village may have comfortably breezed through to the second BDICL Cup Final in three seasons with a 60 run victory over Witham Reserves, but the holders, Braintree's defence was put under great pressure from Braintree Reserves. Chasing 122 to win, Braintree 97-2 with only two overs remaining, but then they hit three consecutive sixes to ease the pressure, and even they did lose two more wickets in five balls, they got home with three balls to spare.
In the Junior Cup, Sampfords will also be defending the trophy they won last season in the Final, after getting home by just two wickets in a thriller against Rayne III. It took, 43 not out from Greg Banks, and 19 not out from Dan Shayler to get them home with three balls to spare. Woodham Mortimer Reserves defeated the University of Essex by three wickets, the Uni having to play with only five men.

Walking for Jake

A team of 12 of us, including fellow Rayne CC players Mark Sainsbury and David Bull, are undertaking a continuous 65 mile (106KM) walk around the coast of the Isle of Wight, raising money for CLIC Sargent in memory of Jake Whiteside. Jake was a 16 year old member of Rayne CC who sadly lost his battle with cancer in April 2017. We hope to complete the walk in 24 hours but it may take a little longer as it’s an extremely long way to walk and we’re hoping our bodies and feet hold up to the test. Our team name is JAWS, Jake’s Army of Walkers and so far we have raised £8,000 which is fantastic, but we’re pushing on towards £10,000, hence my sharing of this link - Richard Whiteside

Witham close the gap, but Braintree still hold the ace

Braintree's lead at the top of the League Championship may have been cut from eight points to five points after Sunday's matches. However, Braintree, importantly, still have one game in hand over Witham and that keeps them firmly in the driving seat. Witham defeated Woodham Mortimer by 79 runs, while Braintree defeated Three Fields by three wickets.
In the other divisions, Braintree Reserves and Earls Colne were successful in Division Two. The University of Essex and Woodham Mortimer Reserves won the two Division Three matches, while in Division Four, Woodham Mortimer III and Sampfords came through victorious.

Replacement Officers required at the Annual General Meeting

In just two months time, Jeremy Jennings, Gill Saggers, and Peter Perkin, as well as Steve Isaac, will all be standing down from their current roles as Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary respectively.
However, rather than drop people into the deep end, those that volunteer to take over the running of the League, will have the safety net of having the four that are standing down, working alongside them to assist in bedding them into the jobs. Then in April 2019 they can be left on their to extend the life of the League towards it's half-century.
No one wants to see the League slide into non-existence but none of the existing officers is getting any younger, and time catches up with everyone eventually
The time has come for the next generation to come forward and run the League. It is not quite such a daunting prospect as it was when we ran with 40 teams and had fixtures at two centres.
Anyone who wishes to find out more information about the jobs, should contact Jeremy Jennings on 01787 473244, and he will enlighten you.

Semi-Final officials

Martin Cutmore has allocated Rayne III, Woodham Mortimer Reserves, Little Bardfield Village, and Braintree, the tasks of Umpiring the four Cup Semi-Finals

Semi-Final draws

Claire Hollingsworth made the two Semi-Final draws, and the balls came out of the bag to produce the following line-ups. The ties to be played on March 11th.
Braintree v Braintree Reserves; and, Little Bardfield Village v Witham Reserves.
Junior Cup:
University of Essex v Woodham Mortimer Reserves, and, Sampfords v Rayne III.

Two Reserves into the Semi-Finals

The Second Round ties of the two Cup competitions did throw up some surprising results. In the BDICL Cup, it was probably not too much of a surprise that Witham Reserves and Braintree Reserves both won to progress to the Semi-Finals. Witham Reserves are one place higher than Earls Colne in the Division Two table, and Braintree Reserves, who are walking away at the top of Division Two defeated Rayne, who are currently rooted to the foot of Division One. However, it could probably be described as being against form that Little Bardfield Village defeated Witham.
In the Junior Cup, the University of Essex, currently last in Divison Three, having won a game for the first time this season only a couple of weeks ago, swept aside fellow Division Three strugglers, Boreham, reaching victory in less than six overs. Sampfords, the leaders of Division Four, defeated Division Three, High Easter by two wickets. The two highest ranked teams in the Junior Cup, Rayne III and Woodham Mortimer Reserves, both progreesed at the expernse of teams from Division Four.

Code of Conduct

In recent weeks there are been breaches of the Code of Conduct that applies throughout cricket. Audible bad language reported by spectators, abusive comments made to officials. This has to be curtailed or we may have to take punitive action against the offenders.

An application for membership is coming

Colchester Cavaliers are submitting an application for membership of the League, and being members of the North Essex Cricket Board, we are duty bound to accept their application. It will also mean that, if necessary, then one of the teams currently in Division Four, may have to drop out of the League.

Essex Indoor Cricket Championships, close but no cigar, but......

The finals of the Essex Indoor Cricket Championships were played on Saturday morning, with Braintree representing ourselves and the North Essex Board. The first Semi-Final saw Old Brentwoods comfortably defeat Rayleigh, so they would meet the winners of Braintree against Hutton in the Final.
The Semi-Final started as badly as it was almost possible for it to be, with both of Braintree's opening batsmen being dismissed first ball to leave Braintree on 3-2 from three balls. Not too much later and Will Jackson was trapped lbw and at that moment, Will Steinberg had taken 4-9, and Braintree were 31-4. However, Dan Garner, 62 not out, and 23 from Steve Hale finally took Braintree to 112-5.
Hutton also lost two early wickets, just not so early, but they did recover and at 91-3 with two overs remaining, they did look well poised to possibly snatch the win. Then Dan Garner struck twice in three balls, so by the end of the tenth over it was 91-5. Parry was left on his own and 11 runs came from the next four balls. Another eleven were required from eight balls, but then he went for a needless big shot and Dan Garner took the catch to win the match by 10 runs.
After a short intermission the Final began, with Old Brentwoods batting first. They looked very impressive with the bat, not many contrived shots, as they clocked up a total of 164-5. Mervin Westfield top scoring with 45 not out, but three others also retired at stages through the innings. Braintree came out and did not look like the team that played against Hutton. There was confidence and determination from the off, as Braintree tore into the attack. Instead of losing early wickets, they reached 98 in the seventh over before a wicket did fall. The scoring rates of the two teams remained almost identical, Westfield did then apply ther brakes with two wickets in three balls, but Braintree had Warren Celiz to come back after retirement, and that return seemed to have turned the match in Braintree's favour. Five balls he faced, and after a three and four consecutive sixes he was on his way back to a second retirement. Sadly the next ball did for Chris Leech, the first ball of his return. Celiz and Sherry were together from a score of 128-4 with a touch under three overs to score the 37 runs needed. At 148, Sherry was caught for 32, so it was all down to Warren, but as hard as he tried the runs did not come so easily as before. 158-5 was to be Braintree's final score with Warren Celiz ending unbeaten on 75. Mervyn Westfield's 3-27 proving just a bit too economic.
However now comes the debate as to whether some of this team should even have been playing. Last year some of them won the Essex title playing as London City, but they could not participate in the next stages of the National Championships as to do so, a player MUST have played in six matches in the clubs' normal outdoor League competition. Of course, Old Brentwoods could field a team of six from within their own ranks, but it remains to be confirmed if they will participate. If they do not, then Braintree would take their place.
The scorecards will appear when all the weekend's action has taken place, and CricketStatz has been updated.
Braintree v Hutton
Brantree v Old Brentwoods

CricketStatz update

A new version of CricketStatz has been created and it has added some more statistics that were not previously there. The whole database has been run, and all the files have been uploaded.

Career Records 1981-2017

These have now been completely updated to include last season..

Apologies from the University of Essex

This email comes from a position of embarrassment on the club's part in light of our forfeiture for last Sunday's Braintree fixture. Our designated Braintree captain at the University misread the list of online fixtures and did not realise we had a fixture until he checked the website this morning and saw the post about us not showing up.

Therefore I take this opportunity to sincerely apologise for his serious error and ensure you it will not happen again. I understand how difficult it must be at times to organise the league and us not showing up definitely adds to that.

I hope we did not cause too much hassle by not showing up and I can ensure you we will be present at our next game and umpiring duties on 3rd December.

Kind regards,
Stanley Stearman
Club Captain, University of Essex Cricket Club

Treasurer's reminder

Gill Saggers wishes to remind all those responsible for paying teams' match fees that they MUST be received by the 5th of the following month without exception. Late payers will be subject to points deductions.


The AGM took place at the end of the season with the major matters of importance being the announcements that Jeremy Jennings, Gill Saggers, and Steve Isaac will all be retiring from their posts at the end of the 2017-18 season. All considering that it was high time that the Leagues' administration was taken over by younger blood, active in the League. For Steve, in particular, it will signal the end of a continual involvement in the League since it was founded in 1979. He took over as League Co-Ordinator in 1981, and has pretty much been steering the ship ever since. He has promised that he will show his successor how to get the fixtures sorted out. All the other members of the Committee are continuing in their roles this season.

Braintree College and Terling each with drew one of their teams, and their requests for divisional positions were granted. After much debate the structure for next season will see the Division One have seven teams, each playing each other twice, and the remaining three divisions all having five teams playing each other three times. So every team will have twelve League fixtures next season.

There was also a closing of an unexpected loophole in the player eligibility rules affecting Cup matches. We had omitted to add a rule to restrict players to only playing for one team in Cup competitons, where more than one team from a club is participating in the same Cup competition.

Registration fees were kept at zero, but Steve Isaac still requires teams to submit Registration forms so we have up-to-date contact information.

Payments due

Teams who make payments by cheque please send them, with the payment form, to Gill Saggers, Primrose Cottage, Upper Beakley Farm, Oak Road, Halstead, CO9 1LX.

Those who make payments via Internet Banking, please email Gill on gill.saggers@hotmail.co.uk when payment is made telling him how much has been paid and which team.
Registration forms and payments must be sent to Steve Isaac.

Payment form

Social media and the Code of Conduct

No player shall use any social networking site to make any offensive comments about any player or any club, another reason is that this would also render the "tweeter" liable to prosecution. Such comments soon spread around the world, and can be seen by more people than those who make such comments realise. I would like to think that our League is like a big friendly club, and that friendly banter is kept to the levels one would normally expect.

Eligibility reminder

Can I also take this opportunity to remind clubs with three teams, that no player who has played in more than two first team matches can then play in a third team match.

CricketStatz pictures

Players can, if they so desire, have their pictures on the individual pages. I have already added one to my own Stats pages, and so has one other player. If you would like this then simply email me a jpeg (80 pixels x 80 pixels) and I shall add it. sr.isaac@btclick.com

Common faults

The most common being the following:

1 Leg side wides – Any delivery that will have passed down the leg side of the batsman, in his normal stance, should be called a "wide", if any more deliveries are subsequent in the same over, then they shall be called "no ball". Also can I remind Umpires that any ball pitching off the mat in front of the wicket, shall be called "No ball". This would allow a batsman to move off the mat to strike the ball knowing that it will be called such.

2 Dead ball rule – Any ball coming to rest in any of the nets shall be called "dead" and one run awarded. If the ball hits a net but does not get lodged, then that ball is still live. This includes striking any of the nets storage bags. The only exceptional is the net that covers the spectator gallery at the Leisure Centre, where upon the ball becomes dead immediately.

3 Overthrows - An overthrown striking a ball is only valid when an attempt has been made to run out a batsman, a simple deflection back on to a wall by a fielder is not deemed as an overthrow.


This seasons' statistics

Matches won by the team batting first: 56
Matches won by the team batting second: 61
Matches tied: 1
Matches conceded: 16
Highest team score: 243-3 (Coggeshall)

Highest Individual score: 71* (Andy Goding, Coggeshall)
Fifties scored: 27
Four wicket bowling figures: 3
Five wicket bowing figures: -


The full rules and playing conditions for the League can now be viewed by clicking on the link above.

These have now been updated.


To view a brief history of the Braintree District Indoor Cricket League simply click on the link above.

The 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2016-17, League & Cup Averages are now able to be viewed through the CricketStatz pages.


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Bocking to Great Totham
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