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Highlighting all the significant milestones that have been achieved since the League began back on November 11th 1979

1st Match at Notley Sports Centre: Braintree v Shalford, BDC Trophy Qualifying Group, 11th November 1979.
Last Match at Notley Sports Centre: Bocking Reserves v Braintree College, Division Two, 1st April 2012.
1st Match at Towerlands: Braintree Reserves v Felsted Reserves, Reserve Championship, 13th October 1985.
Last Match at Towerlands: Rayne Reserves v Shalford, Division Two, 4th April 2004.
1st Match at Braintree Leisure Centre: Braintree College v Earls Colne, Division Three, 4th October 1992.
1st Match at The College at Braintree: Earls Colne v Woodham Mortimer Reserves, Division Three, 7th October 2012.
Last Match at The College at Braintree: Woodham Mortimer Reserves v Boreham, Division Three, 23rd March 2014.
1,000th Match: Cressing Reserves v Great Bardfield Reserves, RLC Preliminary Round, 17th January 1988.
2,000th Match: Rayne Reserves v Shalford Reserves, Reserve Championship, 8th March 1992.
3,000th Match: Helions Bumpstead Reserves v Witham Reserves, Division Four, 4th February 1996.
4,000th Match: Braintree Youth v Cressing, Division One, 24th October 1999.
5,000th Match: Kelvedon & Feering Reserves v High Garrett, RLC 1st Round, 26th January 2003.
6,000th Match: Shalford Reserves v Rayne III, Division Five, 12th March 2006.
7,000th Match: Boreham v Dunmow, Division Two, 22nd November 2009.
8,000th Match: Braintree College v Little Bardfield Village, BDICL Cup 1st Round, 3rd February 2013.
Total number of games played to the end of the 2017. 8,781
First batsman to score 1,000 runs: Terry Prestney, Earls Colne v Six Bells, Division One, 6th December 1985.
First batsman to score 2,000 runs: Dave Atterbury, Wethersfield v Helions Bumpstead, Division Two, 7th January 1990.
First batsman to score 3,000 runs: Paul Keaney, Braintree v Dunmow, Division One, 17th January 1993
First batsman to score 4,000 runs: Paul Keaney, Bocking v High Garrett, BDICL Cup Preliminary Round, 14th January 1996.
First batsman to score 5,000 runs: Dave Atterbury, Kelvedon & Feering Reserves v Braintree Reserves, Division Four, 6th February 2000.
First batsman to score 6,000 runs: David Denny, Braintree Youth v Gosfield, BDICL Cup Final, 14th April 2002.
First batsman to score 7,000 runs: David Denny, Braintree Youth v Bocking, Division One, 16th January 2005.
First batsman to score 8,000 runs: Matthew Hart, Cressing v Witham, Division One, 5th April 2009.
First batsman to score 9,000 runs: Matthew Hart, Coggeshall Hamlet v Braintree Youth, 30th October 2011.
First batsman to score 10,000 runs: Matthew Hart, Coggeshall v Coggeshall Hamlet, 7th April 2013.
First bowler to take 100 wickets: Tom Gould, Braintree Reserves v Fairstead, Reserve Championship, 1st November 1992.
First bowler to take 200 wickets: Richard Dawson, Rayne Reserves v Terling, Division Three, 14th February 1999.
First bowler to take 300 wickets: Michael Joyce, Braintree Youth v Kelvedon & Feering, Division One, 6th November 2005.
First player to take 50 catches: Alan Turner, Wethersfield v Braintree Youth, Division One, 11th November 1990.
First player to take 100 catches: Paul Keaney, Bocking v Braintree Youth, Division One, 12th January 1997.
First player to take 150 catches: Matthew Hart, Cressing v Coggeshall A, BDICL Cup Second Round, 16th February 2003.
First player to take 200 catches: Matthew Hart, Cressing v Shalford, BDICL Cup Second Round, 3rd February 2008.
First player to take 250 catches: Matthew Hart, Witham Res. v Kelvedon & F. Res., Reserve League Cup, Second Round, 21st February 2016.
First wicketkeeper to claim 50 stumpings: Dave Parkin, Great Bardfield v Braintree College, BDICL Cup Second Round, 21st February 1993.